Coach Snobbery

It’s no secret that I am a total Coach whore.  And if you don’t know what Coach is, and you are a woman, then SHAME ON YOU!!  I am fortunate enough to have an outlet store near my house, so at least I don’t spend as much as I could spend when I have my little binges.

I’ve been looking for a Coach iPhone case for my phone.  Would you believe that they haven’t made them yet?  I went in to a real Coach store in the mall (opposed to the outlet store) recently and inquired about a case.  The lady told me that if she had a dollar for every person who’d asked her about it, then she would be a rich women.  I turned around and told her that she needed to get on the horn with Corporate and tell them to start making them.  And then, in the snobbiest tone I could muster up, I said:  “Juicy has them.”  All this while I’m standing there in raggedy blue jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops.  Some nerve!

The hubby gave me a Coach gift card for Christmas this year, and I found something online that equally excites me:


If you know me, you know how much I LOVE piggies!  I collect anything piggy, so this will hold me over until they finally start making iPhone cases.

Weeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeee!!