Cats Don’t Like Roofers

We are getting a new roof today.  I would say that the flushing sound you hear after that statement is our money going down the toilet, but I guess its not REALLY going down the toilet since a roof is one of those necessary things.  However, insurance isn’t paying for it and we’ve been saving our $20’s (not pennies for this giant expense) for a long time so we could pay for it.  Here in South Florida, a roof aint cheap.  I think its because we have to buy a certain wind rated type of shingle for hurricanes that can withstand being blistered in the sun 350 days a year.  My parents put a shingle roof on their house in SC for 1/4 of the price of what we’re paying.  Anyway, my point is that it sucks writing a check for that much money to buy something that you can’t do anything fun with.   It’s kind of like flushing money down the toilet.

The roofers are up there banging away, and my normally outgoing and vocal cat, Kirby, is no where to be seen.  We’ll see a flash of orange every now and then — like when they started cutting the roof for the ridge vent zooooooooooooooooooooom — but that’s it.  I decided to do a little investigation and this what I found:


There they are…Fraidy Cat #1 and #2.


I love these:

Because I am a cat lover, I know exactly what those two are up to.  They haven’t just woken up from a nap and are stretching like you would think.  They are actually stretching and puffing to investigate something, so that if you were to make a sudden movement or a loud “pssssss” sound then they would shoot up about six feet in the air.  I love doing that to my cats. 

This one is cute too: 

That kind of reminds me of Kirby & Sam.

My Heart Hurts


I just got the official word that my cat Sam, my heart, has oral squamous cell carcinoma and there’s nothing they can do but give him pain meds and make him comfortable.  I knew it was coming since Tuesday and thought I was prepared, but NOTHING can prepare you for this. 

For those of you who know Sam, you know he is the most wonderful, loving, affectionate cat on the planet.  He’s had a rough couple of years.  He had a sex change in 2006 (PU surgery for problematic urinary tract), torn ACL and subsequent reconstructive ACL surgery in 2007, and now this.  Cancer in his mouth. 

I’ve come across an herbal cancer remedy online that has been successful in two cats thus far so I ordered about $300 worth of stuff to see if it saves him.  I have hope, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers – if you pray.  I know he’s just a cat, but to me he’s more than that.  He’s my love and my heart.

UPDATE 3/5/08:  Sam’s no better no worse.  I’m giving him the herbs and making sure he eats enough.  Took him to the vet this past Saturday and he actually gained 4oz!  I feel like something I’m doing is right. 

UPDATE 7/1/08:  Sam fought a good fight, but lost the battle on 6/19/08.  Four months isn’t bad for someone who was only given 6 weeks.

The best cat in the world.

The best cat in the world.

Rest In Peace, Sammy.

Rest In Peace, Sammy.