The One Way

You ever heard someone say, “Don’t be such a one way,” and wonder what it means? My husband taught me what it means. A “one way” is a person who only does things one way – their way. Or it’s a “friend” who doesn’t reciprocate within the friendship. For example, when their boyfriend breaks up with them, they come crying to you. And you’re such a good friend, you listen and even give them a place to stay until they can figure out their new living situation. But then, when you and your boyfriend break up that person is no where to be found, or when she is found she’s making out with her new boyfriend right in front of you without consideration for your feelings.

Another example: when it’s the one way’s birthday everyone has to show up for their birthday dinner. But when it’s your birthday, the one way can’t be bothered to come to your dinner.

Makes you want to reevaluate that friendship, doesn’t it? Perhaps categorize them in the same group as “girls who dump their friends when they get a new boyfriend.” Maybe I’m just getting old and crotchety.