This and That

Ma and Pa just left from their week-long visit, along with my nephew, so I figured I’d take a few moments to jot some thoughts down. I start school again this week, so writing helps stimulate my brain a little to get back into the swing of things. Life hasn’t been too particularly exciting recently – the usual grind of work and school, work and school. We painted the house. It’s exciting to see a new color on three of the four walls. The fourth wall isn’t painted yet because the pressure washer broke – the brand new pressure washer broke @#!$.

I like it when my dad comes down because he needs to be kept busy. I have plenty of things that keep him busy too. This week he helped my hubby build a shed – a really nice Rubbermaid Big Max shed so we can FINALLY clean out the garage. He also chiseled his way through the limestone underground in our back yard and hung a bench swing. We had to dig the posts and pour the cement around them so they are hurricane proof, then hang the swing from a cross beam. He also helped hubby determine that our *very* expensive ceiling fan in our living room is indeed broken. Yippeee!!

Oh – some very exciting news. I got an email from City Assure – the warranty service for my fried laptop that was bought at Circuit City. I had last tried to contact them on February 6 and finally got an email from them on April 1. They are sending me something so that I can get my old laptop either repaired or replaced. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. I feel like sometimes I collect laptops. Maybe I’ll give it to Ma & Pa or the hubster.

I took my nephew deep sea fishing yesterday. We both hurked all over the side of the boat. The seas were really rough, and of course we came home with no fish for dinner. I caught two large sucker fish (Remoras) but you can’t eat those. I can honestly say however that I will not be going deep sea fishing again during the winter months. Last time I went sail fishing and hurked over the side too. But at least we caught a fish that time.