Why I Don’t Watch the Olympics

I’m an emotional sports fan. It doesn’t matter if its real or a movie, if it’s a happy sports outcome I will cry like a baby. So of course I’m sitting here blubbering watching the Americans take gold in the swimming finals. And then it got worse when I saw Michael Phelp’s mother in the stands blubbering during the national anthem. AND THEN he gave his flowers to his sister. I’m going to get a migraine from all of my blubbering.

As an aside, chop off Phelps’ head and he is H-O-T. I’m just sayin’…

2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Watch the Olympics

  1. I’ve been stuck to the T.V. like glue ever since the Olympics came on. Every night for the past week and a half I’ve drug myself to bed at 4 a.m. because the damn things come on so late at night, and I have to see it all.
    Cried my eyeballs out everytime the U.S. got a medal, which in turn messed up my sinuses and gave me a major sinus headache. So in the past week and a half, I’ve gone through a box of Tylenol sinus medication. They should be sending me rebate checks.
    Yes Michael Phelps is hot. With some of that sponsorship money that he’s gonna be getting after the Olympics, he needs to go find a good plastic surgeon & get those ears pinned back.

  2. daintygrape says:

    Yeah, the ears and he needs to get his mouth stretched so that when he speaks he doesn’t have marble mouth.

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